Our Clients

Without our valued clients, LHR Marine would not exist.  Therefore we strive to adopt business policies that aim to gain mutual respect whilst reassuring our clients that LHR Marine are focused on their needs.  LHR Marine’s motto reflects this:


“Quality and Service is the foundation of future business”


LHR Marine will always be honest with our clients and will always respect their privacy.  LHR Marine believes in ethical business practices and this is highlighted by our anti-corruption and bribery policy.  LHR Marine and its employees will never - under any circumstances - offer, give or accept any gift, payment or other benefit that seeks an improper advantage.  Therefore we completely support the UK Bribery Act - which comes into force in April 2011 – that makes any form of bribery a criminal offence.  LHR Marine’s ethical stance has increased our integrity and value to our clients and is a proud characteristic of our organisation.


LHR Marine Global Client Map