Corporate Social Responsibility

“LHR Marine is dedicated to our responsibilities of being a local and international community member, as a customer, a supplier and an employer.”


LHR Marine is an active and proud member of the local and international community.  Therefore we believe that it is important to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner.  This is demonstrated by our BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System that is certified by QMS International PLC.  The sections below explain areas of corporate responsibility that we believe are extremely important to ourselves and our stakeholders.

Considering our Environment

LHR Marine understands the strain landfill is causing on our local and international community.  Therefore LHR Marine actively encourage recycling throughout our premises.  This ranges from providing recycling facilities for consumables such as paper, plastic bottles and printer cartridges to reusing pallets and boxes in the warehouse.

LHR Marine have also invested heavily on enterprise resource planning software which saves paper as well as other costs that can be diverted from our clients.

Supporting the Local Community

LHR Marine strongly believe in the benefits of community spirit and development.  LHR Marine supports a number of charities that deal with local issues and help causes that affect many people around us.  LHR Marine regularly donates to the Aberdeen branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), Clan Cancer Support, Macmillan Cancer Support and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

LHR Marine also purchases some of our office consumables from the children’s charity Dream Makers.

LHR Marine Charities

LHR Marine also encourages participation in team sports; which yield many benefits such as physical health, a social environment, working with others, community spirit and the participation in a constructive pursuit.  Therefore LHR Marine has donated bags and jackets to local football club Portlethen Sports Club 2011 team for the 23/24 season.

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In September 2011, LHR Marine announced their support of Project Golden Cross; this non-profit making exercise is designed – not only to restore a famous Clyde-built historic tugboat to her former glory – but allow her to take up a community role of promoting Safety at Sea to commercial marine operators and leisure craft users in Scotland whilst highlighting the achievements of Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, HM Coastguard and Mountain Rescue.  On the back of this sponsorship; The Defence Interaction Intelligence Agency (DIIA) has produced a special report entitled: A Special Report on Mooring, Marine & Offshore Safety Equipment.


Valuing our Clients

Without our valued clients, LHR Marine would not exist.  Therefore we strive to adopt business policies that aim to gain mutual respect whilst reassuring our clients that LHR Marine are focused on their needs.  LHR Marine’s motto reflects this:


“Quality and Service is the foundation of future business”


LHR Marine will always be honest with our clients and will always respect their privacy.  LHR Marine believes in ethical business practices and this is highlighted by our anti-corruption and bribery policy.  LHR Marine and its employees will never - under any circumstances - offer, give or accept any gift, payment or other benefit that seeks an improper advantage.  Therefore we completely support the UK Bribery Act - which comes into force in April 2011 – that makes any form of bribery a criminal offence.  LHR Marine’s ethical stance has increased our integrity and value to our clients and is a proud characteristic of our organisation.

Having Respect for Our Suppliers

LHR Marine carefully selects our products and suppliers to ensure our clients are provided with exceptional products that are balanced between quality and price.  We have established solid relationships with high profile suppliers such as Crosby Feubo, 3M Capital Safety, and Billy Pugh Co. and will always endeavour to form and develop relationships with suppliers that will benefit all parties involved, including our clients. 

Developing our People

LHR Marine operates under all of the regulations of the Employment Rights Act (1996).  LHR Marine will also always be an equal opportunities employer and operates under the Equality Act (2010).

LHR Marine understands the importance and value of our employees.  Therefore we provide training and development opportunities for all of our employees whilst giving them the correct working environment to prosper.  LHR Marine are also members of the British Safety Council which is committed to keeping people safe and healthy at work.