D2 Personal Escape Kits

D2 Personal Escape Kits

The all New ISC D2 Personal Escape Kits are compact & lightweight evacuation kits, for use with ø7.5 ISC FR Hybrid or 8mm ISC Escape8 rope*.  The ISC D2 Personal Escape Kit is designed for use as a personal-issue kit, which can be stored on the user’s harness and used to achieve an efficient emergency escape/self-rescue from height, utilising the nearest suitable anchorage point. The ISC D2 Escape kit can also be used for quick and efficient rescues, by adding an ISC HaulerBiner Compact Rescue kit to create a short lift, long lower pick off system.

The ISC D2 Personal Escape kit is available with Technora heat resistant rope, making it ideal for use for evacuating from structures where extreme heat is a risk, such as Oil Rigs, Wind Turbines, buildings and Towers.

The new ISC D2 utilises patented progressive cam technology, for ease of descent control and has a thumb-operable cam, which allows the user to efficiently pay-out rope when the device is under low load.  This allows the user to easily operate the device with one hand, in order to make their way from the anchor point, to the edge of the structure, in order to begin their descent. 

The ISC D2 is a double-stop Descender, which means that descent will cease, should the user let go of the control handle- or if the user panics and pulls the handle too hard.  

The new ISC D2 Descender has an increased rated load of 140kg (308lbs) and a maximum descent height of up to 200m (656ft)**.  EN12841:06 C, EN341:11 2C & ANSI z359.4:13-certified kits and NFPA 1983 (17ED) E-compliant kits available.

Rope Options

The ISC D2 Kits are available with two rope options:

 ISC Escape8

ISC Escape8 is 100% Technora Aramid rope.  Technora rope offers ultimate heat-resistant properties, with an exceptionally high melting point (decomposition temperature 498oC/ 928oF).  The sheath of the Technora rope is also more resistant to abrasion than standard Polyester or Nylon ropes.

ISC Hybrid

ISC Hybrid is a ø7.5mm rope, with a Nylon core and a 50/50 Polyester/Technora sheath.  Technora provides the necessary heat-resistant properties while the Polyester provides high visibility (decomposition temperature 300oC/572oF). F R Hybrid offers a high degree of flex fatigue resistance, together with smooth, controllable performance characteristics.

D2 Personal Escape Kits are supplied in a Cordura pouch, with an EN795 Technora 0.5m round sling, Double-action Snaphook (anchor connector) and an Oval Karabiner (Harness connector)

  • Personal-issue Kits

Equips users for efficient emergency escape, using the nearest anchor point

  • Pre-rigged, ready to use
    With Technora anchor sling, connectors & use-evident seal, in Cordura pouch
  • Progressive Cam Technology
    Our patented progressive cam technology, for ease of descent control
  • Double-stop Functionality
    Let go of the handle or pull too hard and the descent will stop
  • NEW Standard Certification
    EN341-C, EN 12841-C, ANSI Z359.4:13-certified & NFPA Compliant Kits available
  • NEW Load & Max. Length
    140kg (308lbs) rated load, with maximum descent height of up to 200m (656ft)**.
  • Thumb-operable Cam
    Allows one-handed operation for easy rope payout, under low load
  • Heat-resistant Rope*
    Option of ø7.5mm Hybrid or ø8mm full-Technora rope, for maximum heat resistance
*  For use with ISC-approved rope, only      ** Dependent on rope type  
D2 Personal Escape Kits

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D2 Personal Escape Kits