DUCK-R Back-up device - T02L

  • Body    - Stainless Steel
  • Cam     - Aluminium
  • Spring  - Spring  Stainless  Steel
  • Cord     - Nylon
Certification Notified Body:
CE 0598
EN 12841:2006 A
Weight - 290g
The Duck-R has been tested in the UK by SGS to the requirements of EN 12841:2006 Type A - Rope Adjustment Device, using Teufelberger 11mm and Edelrid 10.5mm EN1891 Type A Low Stretch Ropes. Other ropes have provided excellent results – check all different ropes prior to use.
To be used in conjunction with EN 12841 Type C or B device, each device attached to independent ropes. Each attached to independent anchors with minimum strength of 15kN.
DUCK-R Back-up device - T02L

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