DYNICE - 75 Deck Rope

Reliable and proven 12 strand braided rope from Dyneema SK75 fibres impregnated with Duracoat for improved abrasion resistance.

The ropes are soft and flexible and easy to splice.

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The need for large diameter ropes in very long lengths is increasing as drilling and installation is today feasible at depths down to 3000 meters in certain areas. At such depth it becomes practically impossible to work with steel wire ropes due to their own weight. 

Synthetic ropes from high performance materials like Dyneema® are then a good alternative as they are lighter than water and floating.For the production of DynIce Deep Sea ropes the largest 12 strand braider built in the world is used for that purpose. The rope is available as a 12 strand braid with durable impregnation and with either cover of polyester or Dyneema, or a blend of those materials.

Diameters range up to 200 mm and with overall diameter with cover up to 220 mm and breaking strength of 2.500 tons.

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DYNICE - 75 Deck Rope

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DYNICE - 75 Deck Rope