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GasGrab™ helps eliminate injury by allowing the operator to take a healthier posture while lifting or moving a gas cylinder - protecting the back, shoulder and abdominal muscles. With GasGrab™'s patented design, the weight of the cylinder determines the clamping force required to lift the cylinder.

You can be assured that GasGrab™ has been tested well in excess of the weight of a full cylinder of gas, and as such has been issued with a test certificate - a copy is included with every GasGrab™ sold.

Made from Die-Cast Aluminium, GasGrab™ has been designed to be light and rigid without compromise to strength.The durable, warm-touch coating improves operator safety and comfort.

The entire range of Gasgrab products covering 5.5" up to 12.5" gas bottle or cylinders. Our products make lifting awkward bottles and cylinders much less problematic.

In addition, our bottle lifting devices are colour coded to help you distinguish between different sizes when multiple Gasgrab products are stored in one location.

GasGrab Instructions For Use 

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Code Unit Size 

GG100 100mm / 4” 
GG140 140mm / 5½” 
GG152 152mm / 6” 
GG178 178mm / 7” 
GG203 203mm / 8” 
GG215 215mm / 8½” 
GG230 230mm / 9” 
GG235 235mm / 9¼” 
GG254 254mm / 10” 
GG267 267mm / 10.5” 
GG278 278mm / 11” 
GG305 305mm / 12” 
GG320 320mm / 12½”
GG376 376mm / 14.75”


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