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DBI-SALA® is the global market leader in the design and manufacture of engineered fall protection systems and equipment. Our knowledge and practical experience helps our customers reduce risk and increase safety while working at height.

DBI-SALA knows comfort, mobility and safety while on the job site is necessary. Every permanently installed system offers each of these key features. All egineered systems combine ease of use, flexibility and low maintenance, guaranteeing optimum performance and worker satisfaction. Job sites where these features mean the most are typically found in the following applications.

Railcars Aircraft Hangers Convention Centers
Bridges Cranes Rooftops
Truck Trailers Modular Home Building Arena Rigging
Busses / Mass Transit Exposed Walkways Window Washing
Commercial Buildings Warehouses
DBI-SALA offers a network of trained, certified installers provides industry-leading installation and training services throughout the life of our products. Our certified installers are internally trained on every system, helping to provide the right solution in the most responsive and cost effective way possible, all while ensuring worker safety and satisfaction.

DBI-SALA’s Engineered Systems is a comprehensive product line of fall arrest and fall protection products offering fully compliant, practical solutions for structures of all types, in all industries. Our mission of delivering quality, service, training and support for our customers has earned us a deserved reputation for excellence around the world. We are dedicated to bringing every worker at height home safely.

Glyde Saf

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Glyde Saf