Gridmesh Anchor

The Gridmesh Anchor™️ (GMA) is a breakthrough product in personal fall protection. The patented design allows a user to set a fall protection anchor point above a grid mesh clad structure across two supporting beams that distribute the load of any fall that occurs. The product can be set up quickly, without the risk of a fall, enabling a worker to access locations below safely without the need for scaffolding, rope technicians or elevated working platforms.

In recent times, the GMA has also been tested and approved for materials handling purposes as a mobile crane device, with a capacity of 1.2 tonne. It can be used to attach a chain-block and haul small loads and materials into place whilst technicians can complete service works.

The GMA is ideal for use in a multitude of industrial applications and industries, including oil & gas, petrochemical plants onshore and offshore drilling rigs, power stations to name just a few.

The Gridmesh Anchor has a number of key features:

  • All-inclusive kit, easily handled by one person – weighs only 21kg
  • Light-weight, UV and chemical resistant, polyurethane case to provide extended product life
  • Fall Protection Model (GA01 – 1 person, GA02 – 2 persons) – Rated to 22.2kN (5000lbs) for fall arrest, which meets or exceeds the requirements for AS/NZS5532, AS/NZS1891.4, ANSI Z359, Canadian OHS Code Sub-Section 152.1(2), EN795
  • Materials Handling Model (GA03) – Rated for 1.2T W.L.L. and certified to AS1666
  • Carry bag to contain all components and prevent loss of equipment
  • Key components (anchor beam and wire sling) are marked with serial numbers for easy inspection and identification
  • Step by step illustrations showing the installation process are provided in the user instruction manual.
Gridmesh Anchor
Gridmesh Anchor
Gridmesh Anchor
Gridmesh Anchor

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Gridmesh Anchor

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