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Magna-Grab is quickly becoming popular as a multi-use magnetic tag line or tether anchor point. It can be attached to a 4" diameter area on most any steel objects or parts being lifted. Many times steel plate and other objects don't have optimal tag line attach points. Magna-Grab solves this problem and more. Magna-Grab is also a long reach magnetic retrieval tool. Great for use in wells, vats, tanks, trenches and other confined spaces. When tools or other steel parts are accidentally dropped, Magna-Grab comes to the rescue, easily attaching to and lifting steel tools, parts and pieces. Magna-Grab is also a great short reach magnetic material handling and positioning hand safety tool. Easy to attach and remove, with a grip force of over 500 LBS!


  • Strong, durable and easy to use
  • Lightweight and super tough (3 lbs)
  • No fingers or hands near dangerous pinch points
  • One light weight, compact tool is all that is needed
  • Precision CNC aluminium manufacturing
  • Over 500 LBS of magnetic pull force
  • Easy to attach almost anywhere, push sideways on handle to remove 
  • Use as a portable magnetic tag line anchor point
  • Use as a long reach, dropped object magnetic retrieval tool
  • Use as a hand safety no-touch magnetic material handling tool
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