Pain Wessex Linethrower 250

Product Information:

The Pains Wessex Linethrower 250 is a self-contained single-shot, line-throwing appliance that is fully compliant with the latest international United States Coast Guard (USCG) and SOLAS/MED regulations. It can be used for ship-to-shore, shore-to-ship, and ship-to-ship line-throwing. Typically four units are required to be carried on SOLAS vessels.

The body is a plastic line container with integral striker, and the rocket uses a solid propellant to guarantee a highly accurate flight path even in strong side-winds.


  • Contains 250m of 4mm-diameter line
  • Minimum line-throwing range of 750 feet
  • Line breaking strain of 2kN
  • -22°F to 149°F operating temperature range
  • -22°F to 167°F storage temperature range
  • Rocket has 3-year storage life, body should be replaced after third rocket replacement (9 years)
  • Body is non-hazardous for transport without rocket fitted


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Pain Wessex Linethrower 250

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Pain Wessex Linethrower 250