Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

  • Designed For a Variety of Rescues, the Paraguard Excel Is a Compact and Versatile Rescue Stretcher
  • It Is Ideal For Search and Rescue Operations and Can Be Used To Rescue Casualties from Building Collapse, Industrial Incidents or Confined Spaces
  • Constructed From Quality, Synthetic Materials, Stainless Steel and Aluminium, the Paraguard Excel Is Impervious To Oil, Water, Grease and Other Petroleum Products and Is Resistant To Rot and Corrosion
  • The Paraguard Excel Is Quick and Simple To Use with Various Straps to Secure the Chest, Arms, Thighs and Lower Legs
  • The Head Is Held In Place By A 3 Point, Non-Slip Forehead Strap. A Figure Of Eight Strap Supports the Feet
  • Approved For Use by Many Authorities Including NATO 6530-99-446-9403
Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

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Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

  • Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher Data Sheet