Feuerstein RAM Wire Rope Socket

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Introducing the new RAM Wire Rope Socket from LHR Marine and Feuerstein (Feubo).  These rope sockets maintain the strength of wire rope. 
  • Compatible with Feubo Fittings
  • Stress Optimized Design
  • Extreme Torque Resistantance Offering Greater Strength over AHV Stern Roller
  • Break Load Tests Have Been Carried Out
  • Permanent Traceability
  • Specific RFID Area Secured Against Mechanical Damage
  • Flat Surface at Top of Basket for I.D Marking
  • Sloped On the Inside at the Top of the Basket to Allow Feeding the Wire Rope through More Easily
  • MBL Greater Than All Wire Ropes of Relevant Diameter


News Article:

Feuerstein and LHR Marine: Taking Mooring Equipment to the Next Level

LHR Marine Unveil Ram Wire Rope Socket


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Feuerstein RAM Wire Rope Socket

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Feuerstein RAM Wire Rope Socket

  • RAM Wire Rope Socket Data Sheet