En Forcer Backup Device - T03L

The EN Forcer is a non-aggressive device and during correct operational use it will not damage ropes. In emergency deployment (see 'Deployment' section) with the exception of very minor glazing a properly used EN Forcer will lock on to the Back-Up rope without causing serious damage to itself, its lanyard, karabiners or to the rope. The user is responsible for ensuring the combination of all components in the rope access system do not adversely affect the performance of any item with due regard to all user instruction.



CE 0598

EN 12841 Type A

ANSI Z359.1-2007

NBR 14626:2010

CA 36677 / 36678

Ø 10,5


Field of Application: The EN Forcer has been tested in the UK by SGS to the requirements of EN 12841:2006 Type A- Rope Adjustment Device. Tests were carried out using EN1891 Type A Low Stretch Ropes: Mammut Performance Static 10.5 & 11mm and Beal Industrie 10.5mm & 11mm. Other ropes have provided excellent results – check all different ropes prior to use. To be used in conjunction with EN 12841 Type C or B device..

En Forcer Backup Device - T03L

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