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When working with suspended loads they are inevitably subjected to dynamic and wind forces which may cause them to swing or rotate during the lifting operation. It is important that during any lifting operation that persons conducting the lift are in control of the load at all times ensuring that it does not make unintended and uncontrolled movements which could pose a risk to themselves, other personnel, the load itself or the sounding work structures.

Taglines should be used to:

  • Assist in the control of any swing induced by the lifting of the load.
  • Alter the rotational attitude of a suspended load as it is guided along a path or to position the load in a particular orientation.
  • Counteract the uncontrolled rotation of a freely suspended load as it is lifted and manoeuvred under the influence of ungovernable forces such as the wind.
  • Help stabilize a load while enabling personnel to maintain a safe distance from the load.

Taglines should be used when:

  • The load suspended by the crane is likely to swing back and forth (due to wind or other external factors) creating a control hazard.
  • The movement or rotation of the load may cause a hazardous condition.
  • The specific orientation of a load is required for proper placement or connection upon landing.

Standard Sizes 

  • 3m, 4.5m & 7.5m
  • Bespoke Sizes available upon request.
Safehands Tagline

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Safehands Tagline