Spanset Gotcha 2 Remote Rescue Pulley System

Remote Rescue Pulley System
Gotcha the Original first response rescue kit for tradesmen 

  • Available in 16m, 33m & 50m Decent height versions
  • Intuitive to use by casualties’ co-workers
  • Equally efficient for lifting or lowering rescues
  • No cut operation
  • Enhanced pulley system for more efficient lifting and greater control when lowering
  • 30% lighter, 30% smaller
  • Compact bag design for improved access through hatches and hooped ladders

Increased ease of use:

  • Improved control during lowering – less risk of bouncing casualty on the way down

  • More efficient lifting – easier to rescue someone larger than you

  • Increased lift height – make recovery back up to the platform from where they fell easier

  • More ergonomic bag design improves clearance when moving through confined spaces.

And as standard with every SpanSet rescue kit it is environmentally sealed to ensure ease of inspection and maintenance.

Spanset Gotcha 2 Remote Rescue Pulley System

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Spanset Gotcha 2 Remote Rescue Pulley System