Stiffy HD Handtool

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The Stiffy Hand Safety Tool 2 HD is based on the popular Stiffy SHT-2. It is simply stronger and more durable. It features a large D handle, glove sized grips, and a vulcanized rubber insert.

Each SHT 2 HD is enhanced with an extended Carbon Fiber sleeve on the neck where the tooling head is mounted. Additionally, we have engineered a solid composite insert that runs the full length of the tool. This increases the tools strength significantly and the HD is one tough tool!.

Product Specification:

  • Load Testing: Static Pull 400 Lbs, Compression 600 Lbs
  • Enhanced with a Carbon Fibre Sleeve on the Neck
  • Vulcanized rubber insert
  • USA made
  • Available in the following sizes: 42”, 50” and 72” with custom sizes available on request.

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Stiffy HD Handtool

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Stiffy HD Handtool