Quality Assurance

LHR Marine provides world-class products, innovative systems design and is leaders in the field of safety.  LHR Marine continually reaches for new horizons, be it Working at Height, Anti-Slip Solutions, Marine Safety or the latest Grade 5 Offshore Mooring Equipment.  LHR Marine can offer or engineer safety solutions for a demanding global market place.

LHR Marine‘s long term relationship with Feuerstein (Mooring Equipment), Capital Safety  (Working at Height), SAFEGUARD® Technology (Anti-Slip Solutions) and Billy Pugh Co. (Marine Safety) can assist in the achievement of the highest levels of safety.  LHR Marine’s dedicated team is on hand to answer and solve any safety-related issues.

Everyone needs to be, and feel, safe.  With the LHR Marine’s wealth of experience and product knowledge, our clients can be assured that their safety is in good hands, safe in the knowledge that the right product for the job or task has been supplied.

LHR Marine has developed and implemented management systems that are registered to the BS EN ISO 9001:2015,  ISO 45002 :2018 & ISO 14001 ; 2015 standards certified by QMS International PLC.  The system is constantly reviewed, evaluated and audited to establish greater efficiency and component quality, without taking short cuts or using inferior products and materials.  Overall, mutual benefits of the system for LHR Marine and our stakeholders include Increased Efficiency, Increased Productivity, High Employee Morale, International Recognition, Factual Approach to Decision Making, Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships, Accurate Documentation, Consistency and Customer Satisfaction.