aquata® was founded in 1977 by Wolfgang Dressler in Berlin, Germany.  Wolfgang holds a Ph.D. in business administration, and worked 5 years as an assistant lecturer at Berlin University of Technology.  In 1983 their first immersion suit was released and delivery to German and Eastern European customers started in 1984 with two models approved by the German certifying institution SEE BG.  As the Scandinavian market for immersion suits started to grow significantly, the Aro v20 Standard Rescue Overall was certified by DNV.

In 1993 aquata® developed a new model – the Aro v40 Polar Rescue Overall - which was manufactured using a thicker material and therefore especially suited for use in polar regions. Approval was certified by SEE BG after accomplishing tough tests at a Russian naval base in cooperation with Lomonossov University and the arctic institute in St. Petersburg.

As SOLAS requirements changed in 2004, aquata developed the Aro v20 OP Rescue Overall which targets customers who put their emphasis on getting the best cost/performance ratio. The Aro v20 OP Rescue Overall is based on the Aro v20 Standard Rescue Overall but is delivered without a pillow for the head. Therefore it must be worn with an additional lifejacket and it does not have a harness for helicopter lift-up.  In addition to immersion suits aquata® also manufacture rescue suits for various purposes, which can also be tailor-made to the specific requirements of clients.

As one of the largest manufacturers of rescue suits - more than 120,000 pieces up to now – aquata® have reached a level of experience which is not easily to be found on the market.  aquata® suits are made in their own manufacturing site which is completely managed according to European Standards.  These standards especially apply to their certified quality control system.