SNA Europe is the premier pan-European hand-tool manufacturer. We design
and manufacture tools to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals.
We have been innovators for over 150 years. In that time we have introduced
some of the most advanced tools in the world, selling through distributors with
whom we build long-term partnerships.
Many anthropologists think that tools appeared because humans were intelligent,
and that humans became measurably more intelligent the more they used them.
This is one of the many reasons SNA Europe is proud to develop, manufacture
and market tools.
We started to manufacture tools some two centuries ago. Many of the tools
that we produce today look very similar to their distant ancestors, yet most are
very different. Similar because the human hand has hardly changed at all, but
different because the manufacturing processes have changed a great deal.
Our design has changed too - because it has been, and continues to be, highly
focused on innovation, performance and ergonomics.
Our partner distributors offer exceptional products to the professionals of
industry, building & construction, automotive and green sectors, as well as to the
most discerning private users. Bahco products are overwhelmingly manufactured
in our own factories located across Europe, from Scandinavia to Iberia, from
the British Isles to the Russian East European plain.
Our ambition is to become, and to be recognised as, an unfailing company,
professional above all, a company that contributes to peoples’ health, wealth and
safety by offering the most valued productivity solutions in the world. This is our
ambition for today and for the future.
Jean-Pierre Levrey
President, SNA Europe Group

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