Vtech Footwear

Vtech are always looking for ways to improve the comfort and durability of their products and are pleased to announce their entire range has undergone extensive tests and come out safer and stronger than ever! 

As standard Vtech have introduced 4 key features to their V Series range which keep Vtech at the high end for all your safety footwear needs:



The last, or shape, on which footwear is made is the foundation of a comfy shoe.  Vtech lasts are the result of extensive studies to find the optimum 3D shape for a COMFORT FIT.   V Series footwear offers plenty of joint width with freedom for the toes, but also provides the gentle support so critical in work footwear.



Many people find safety footwear tiring to wear.  This is because the extra weight of the toe cap puts an unnatural strain on the muscles and ligaments of the instep.  By using lightweight glass fibre toe caps and carefully balancing V Series footwear reduces fatigue. 



Vtech footwear comes with a replaceable footbed with dual   shock absorbing pods.   These help to distribute the wearer’s weight evenly throughout the shoe with the pods carefully positioned under the heel   and ball of the foot to reduce shock.   The soles are highly flexible and absorb impact for day long comfort.



Slips and trips are responsible for over a third of reported injuries, costing employers £512 million a year.  Powergrip and flexlite soles are tested for superior levels of slip resistance. 



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