GrabIt Hand Safety Tool

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Product Information:

LHR designed the GrabIt™ Hand Safety Tool to help avoid hand related safety issues while working with suspended tubulars. The proprietary GrabIt Hand Safety Tool helps:

  • Provide full control of suspended tubulars 3" - 10" in diameter.
  • Promote hands-free operations.

Product Features:

  • Ratcheting action enables the GrabIt to lock as it closes around the tubular to ensure a firm grasp.
  • Trigger allows for easy release.
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it ergonomically friendly.
  • Side handle for better ergonomics and control.  
  • Tethering point to prevent a dropped object.  
  • Safety orange color for better visibility.  
  • Wide curved area at top of tool for added stability when pushing.


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GrabIt Hand Safety Tool

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GrabIt Hand Safety Tool